Are You the CEO of Your Life?

Even if you know how to be the CEO of your business, do you know how to be the CEO of your life?

We need to remember how to structure our personal priorities in order to live fulfilling lives.


1. Embrace innovation.  In other words, don’t be afraid to fail.

At one time in my career I was terrified of making a mistake.  As a result, I didn’t accomplish much of anything.

Now, as one CEO said, I am always operating at the margin of my incompetence.

If the career track we’re on isn’t going anywhere, we can do something different.  If the way we have been relating to our children isn’t working, then we can try something new.

I now realize I am never too old to reinvent myself.  Or to refocus on my life’s priorities.

2. Know what success is.  In other words, what results do you want?

Have you thought about what you want people to say about you at your funeral?  Or how you want your kids to turn out?  Or even your grandkids?

If so, have you written it down?  Have you implemented strategies to get you there?

If we don’t know where we’re going, then we surely won’t get there.  We can aimlessly wander in life, not knowing what we want from it.

But implementing a plan will help us get there.  Especially if we stay focused.

3. Go deep, not wide.  In other words, concentrate on only a few things.

There was a time that I didn’t like saying “No.”  To my employees.  To my kids.  To life’s opportunities.

Now I realize that by saying “No” I have a stronger “Yes.”

I’ve heard when Steve Jobs came back to Apple, they were working on hundreds of products.  As the returning CEO, he slashed that number to five.

When we spread ourselves too thin, then we don’t have time for what really matters.  We get busy, and we aren’t able to think critically about our own lives.

We spend lots of time focusing on our business.  What if we looked at our personal lives with business perspectives?

We have to report our business progress to a boss or a board.  But do we evaluate our lives with the same rigor as our business?

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