Jan 22, 2017
What Fear Will Do If You Let It and What You Can Do About It

Has God ever told you to do something but fear stopped you in your tracks?  If you have, you’re...

Jan 19, 2017

Dr. Woodrow Kroll, The Helios Projects

Have you had times when things didn’t work out and you...

Jan 17, 2017
How to Make Your Church Better

If you are disappointed with the people in your church, you can make your church better.

church better

But you...

Jan 15, 2017
Are You in Control or Out of Control?

Be honest with yourself.  Are you in control of your tongue?  Do you have control over your...

Jan 12, 2017
Who Are You Trying to Please?

It’s helpful for us to understand our heart motivations behind our actions.  Every now and then...

Jan 10, 2017
What Would Your Team Say About Your Team Leadership?

The people who you lead often see a side of you that other people don’t see.  That is true for...

Jan 08, 2017
How You Can Keep Your Mind Young

As we get older, we like doing things a certain way.  And our thinking tends to become more...

Jan 05, 2017
Are Your Priorities in the Right Place?

Do you have your priorities in the right place?  Is what you say is most important to you really...