Sep 14, 2018
Dear Boss Wins 1st Place for Nonfiction Writing

Receives Wright Medal at North Carolina Christian Writers Conference

My book Dear Boss: What...

Sep 08, 2018
Why Happiness Is a Choice

Three Things to Avoid If You Truly Want to Be Happier

Everyone says they want to be happy....

Sep 03, 2018
Does Business Need a Heart Change?
An Interview with Bob Hasson, co-author of The Business of Honor What words do you think...
Aug 25, 2018
How Do You Lead in Turbulent Times?

Three Keys to Handling Disruption in Your World

It’s no fun to have to lead in turbulent times....

Aug 19, 2018
Work from the Heart

How You Do Your Work Is What Matters

God is not impressed by what you do for a living. And you...

Aug 10, 2018
Say Words of Life

How to Be Intentional about the Impact of Your Words

The Scripture makes it clear that careless...

Aug 03, 2018
Welcome Change in You and in Others

Change Is a Healthy and a Necessary Process

Change happens to everyone. Most people don’t like...

Jul 28, 2018
Do You Have a Short-Term or Long-Term Outlook?

Your Outlook Will Depend on Three Things

About 20 years ago I tried starting a business. It...