Sep 11, 2016
The Discipline of Finding God’s Vision for Your Life – Part 1

Our culture has lost the ability to perceive God’s vision.  But that should not surprise us. ...

Sep 08, 2016
Today’s Self-Leadership Crisis and What We Can Do About It

Three Practical Steps to Improve Your Self Leadership

We have a self-leadership crisis today. ...

Sep 06, 2016
How Do You Learn How to Process Failure?

Interview with Dr. Emmet (Tom) Thompson, College Football Hall of Famer

Tom ThompsonNo one likes failure,...

Sep 04, 2016
When Is Our Labor Worth Celebrating?

What is the purpose of all of our labor under the sun?  Why should we get up and do the work...

Sep 01, 2016
How Do You Communicate Your Core Values?

Whether in a family or in a workplace, core values are a key part of a culture.  They provide...