Aug 19, 2018
Work from the Heart

How You Do Your Work Is What Matters

God is not impressed by what you do for a living. And you...

Aug 10, 2018
Say Words of Life

How to Be Intentional about the Impact of Your Words

The Scripture makes it clear that careless...

Aug 03, 2018
Welcome Change in You and in Others

Change Is a Healthy and a Necessary Process

Change happens to everyone. Most people don’t like...

Jul 28, 2018
Do You Have a Short-Term or Long-Term Outlook?

Your Outlook Will Depend on Three Things

About 20 years ago I tried starting a business. It...

Jul 20, 2018
What Is the Thistle Battle in Your Life?

What Are You Doing to Defeat the Thistles in Your Life?

On Saturdays this summer I have been...

Jul 14, 2018
God Always Keeps His Promises

His Contracts Will Always Be Honored

You probably have heard or seen (or experienced) when legal...

Jul 12, 2018
Do Not Worry About the Next Step

Just Be Willing to Walk Out in Faith

Many people want to move forward, but they are worried...

Jul 08, 2018
How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Being Self-Aware Helps You Develop Your Strengths

Do you know yourself well enough to know what...