Does Business Need a Heart Change?

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The Power of Focus: Just One Thing

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How Do You Learn How to Process Failure?

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Why We Still Need Mentoring Today

Today we have lost an appreciation for mentoring.  Jon Hull knows that well.  But he’s trying to change that. Jon serves as the senior director of mentoring at 89.3 KSBJ in Houston.  He has been charged by his board of … Read more

What God Will Do If We Will Be Obedient

Linda Oliver is a reminder of what God is willing to do if we will be obedient.  I don’t know how anyone can listen to Linda’s story with dry eyes. Linda is a professional singer, a public relations consultant, a … Read more

Is Your Faith Only About Going to Church on Sunday?

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How to Trust God in the Tough Stuff

It’s not easy to trust God when you’re going through trials.  Wayne Pederson knows that from personal experience. Having gone through his own personal tragedies, including the loss of his wife of 45 years, Wayne has had to put into practice … Read more

What Are the Consequences of Your Choices?

Every week you have new movies to choose from.  When you decide on which movies to watch, what are the consequences of your choices? Dr. Ted Baehr has devoted his professional career to redeem the values of mass media entertainment by … Read more

How to Rise Above the Spiritual Pollution

How can we rise above the spiritual pollution in our lives?  How can we lift the veil that blinds us from seeing eternity in our midst?  Charles Morris knows. Charles heads Haven Ministries, and he is the speaker of Haven Today. … Read more

With the Foundations Destroyed, What Can the Righteous Do?

Many people see the mess that America is in today, with its foundations destroyed, and they wonder: What can we do? Ken Ham has the answers. Ken is the founder and president of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum and … Read more