How to Get the Best Strategic Planning Results

Apr 11, 2017

As you prepare to do strategic planning, you will get out of it what you put into it.  That’s why it’s helpful to think through how you can get the best strategic planning results.

strategic planning results

Knowing the results you want to have at the end will help you in your preparations.  And knowing what could derail it will help you to avoid some pitfalls that can happen during your strategic planning session.

Strategic planning will require two full days, so you will no doubt want to use the time as productively as possible.  Here are three pointers for getting the most out of your strategic planning results.



 1. Get the right people there.


Make sure you have all your key decision makers at your strategic planning session.  What is decided is as important as how it is decided.

You will want to have all of your board and your executive staff involved, but it’s more important for certain ones to be there than others.  Your board’s executive committee and your key staff at least should be there so that you have a solid leadership core who will support the decisions that are made.

There’s always a possibility that some won’t be able to make it.  You can get input in advance from those who won’t be able to make it.  That way they will be less likely to question what was decided.


2. Go to an offsite location.


Take your team to a nice offsite location.  Do not skimp on the location for your strategic planning session.  That can come back to bite you.

Getting everyone out of your office for the strategic planning session will help you focus on the task at hand.  Because they won’t have the normal distractions of your office to derail your efforts.

And taking your team to a nice offsite location will show how much you appreciate them.  That will create a positive team dynamic to kick off your strategic planning session.


3. Make sure to follow up.


Follow through on the plans that you make.  The worst thing you can do after your strategic planning session is nothing.

After spending two full days in a strategic planning session, your board and staff will be watching what you do with the plans.  If you don’t follow up, that will be demoralizing to them.  Because they will feel you wasted their time.

To help you follow up, start doing something right away.  That will increase the likelihood that you will continue to implement other plans as well.  If you need help staying on track, you can always get a coach to help you keep focused.

If you get input from all the right people, go to an offsite location, and do appropriate follow through, you should be able to get the most out of your strategic planning results.


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