How to Grow Spiritually With a Busy Schedule

Sep 25, 2016

When your life is on overdrive, how do you find time to grow spiritually?  How do spend time with God if your daily schedule is so brutal that it’s hard to find time to catch your breath?

grow spiritually

There is still a way to find peace in the midst of the storm.  You can rest in God even when your schedule is not restful.

Here are three thoughts to consider to help you grow spiritually, even if you have no time.


1. Decide what’s important. 


You will never find time to do just anything.  You will do only what’s really important to you.

How many times have we said that we’ll do such and such when we get around to it?  We’ll never just get around to something.  Unless it rises to the top of our priority list, we will never just get around to it.

If you say that growing in your relationship with God is important, then you must back that up with action.  Only when you make that decision will your actions change.


2. Make the time. 


Look at your schedule and think through when you could carve out time daily.  Maybe it’s 15 minutes in the morning when you first get up.  Maybe it’s 30 minutes right before you go to bed.

You don’t have to carve out three hours every day to grow spiritually.  God wants to be with you as much time as you will give Him.  But He will meet you where you are.

I have my daily personal devotional time first thing in the morning.  If I don’t do it right when I first get up, it’s very hard for me to find that time somewhere else in the day.

It doesn’t matter when you do it.  It just matters that you do it.


3. Show up consistently. 


If this is a priority in your life, then treat it as such.  Be consistent with your time with God.  Guard that time zealously.

You will get out of your relationship with God what you put into it.  He will honor the effort you put into making time to be with Him.

But remember that your time with God is not just an item to check off your to-do list.  You are building a relationship.  With the Creator of the universe.

When you miss an appointment with Him, don’t beat yourself up.  He will not beat you up about it.  So you shouldn’t either.

But the time you spend with Him will result in you finding peace in the midst of your busy schedule.  Making time to be with God will make your hectic life seem not so hectic.

Making time to be with God will make your hectic life seem not so hectic.
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