How to Inspire Confidence in Your Leadership with Your Team

Feb 28, 2017

When you are in a leadership role, it is crucial that your team believes in your ability to lead them.  That’s why you must work with your team to inspire confidence in your leadership.

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Your ability to lead isn’t really about what you know.  It is more about inspiring them to believe that you have their best interests at heart.

Here are four things you can do to inspire confidence in your leadership ability.



1. Admit that you don’t know everything.


The more removed you are from the actual work that gets done, the more your team knows that you don’t know what’s really happening.  So admit to your team that you don’t know it.

That may be a hard thing to admit to your team.  But your team already knows it.  So why not just say the obvious?

By admitting that you don’t know everything, your team will respect you more.  You might think that exposes you as being vulnerable.  But they actually will see you as being real with them.


2. Ask for your team’s advice.


To be the leader, you don’t need to look like the smartest person in the room.  Instead you need to be the person who is always learning.

Be willing to be humble.  Ask for their suggestions to improve how they can do their job.  You may be surprised by what you will learn.

By involving your team in solving company problems, they will respect your leadership all the more.  And they will buy into your leadership all the more.


3. Explain important decisions.


When you have to make big decisions, tell your team what you will have to decide.  Then solicit their input.  And then relate to them what you end up deciding.

It is important to explain your decisions fully.  Help them understand what went into your decision making.  So they don’t come up with their own conclusions.

Be willing to answer questions from your team.  Help them see that your decision making had their wellbeing in mind.  And their best interests at heart.


4. Live by your standards.


Whatever codes of conduct you apply to the team must also apply to you.  Make sure you live by the rules too.

The fastest way to lose your team’s confidence in your leadership ability is to practice hypocrisy.  Help them see that the house rules apply to everyone—even the boss.

You can improve your leadership ability by admitting you don’t know everything, soliciting your team’s input to problems, explaining the decisions you make, and then living under your own rules.

The more humility you exhibit as a leader to your team, the more you will be able to inspire confidence in your leadership ability.


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