How to Stop the Decline of the Church in America

Alex McFarlandWith Christianity having less and less impact on American culture, how do we turn it around?  Dr. Alex McFarland has the game plan.

Dr. McFarland is a speaker, writer, and religion and culture expert.  He’s also the director of Christian Worldview and Apologetics at North Greenville University in South Carolina.

Alex has written 16 books, preached in more than 1,500 churches across the United States, and been a guest on myriad major news outlets.

I caught up with my fellow McFarland at Proclaim 16.  Here’s what Alex said about how to pass the torch to the next generation.


All of us have a realm of leadership whether we realize it or not. … Remember that your first field of ministry is in the home. Mom and Dad, you've got a calling to be that role model. To the men … I would encourage you if you don't do it already, begin to have a daily prayer or a devotional time with your wife. …

There was a Harvard study back in the 90s that when a husband and wife pray together daily, the divorce rate is 1 out of 1,100. It's amazing. There are so many resources like Our Daily Bread or Open Windows or something like that. If you want an oldie-goldie, I love to recommend Charles Spurgeon's book, Morning and Evening. ...

My wife and I do, everyday, and it's not always easy with my schedule. My point is you can do this. We read Our Daily Bread online. Many times, we read it on the phone or together if I'm in town or she'll read it, I'll read it and we'll call on the phone and … we'll discuss. But we'll pray together.

Mom and Dad, if church and your discipleship is one hour on Sunday morning, but Monday through Saturday we just live however we want to live, that is not going to really pass the baton to the next generation of runners.

We must engage in what I call life-on-life transference. That takes time. You before God, spouses with each other, parents before their children, neighbors, friends. We're called to be disciples. I'm not saying this is easy. I'm just saying that's what Jesus gave us to do. I'm not saying it's convenient. I'm just saying it's right. It will change America. …

If we Christians don't reclaim the helm of societal leadership, somebody will rush into that vacuum. … Ten thousand other belief systems competing for the hearts and minds of people. …

As far as our teens, we stretch our kids—academically, sports, national honor society—but we don't stretch them spiritually. We need to help young people understand: You're made in God's image. You're valuable to the Lord. You can be saved, and you can grow and be conformed to the image of Christ.

I have found they're hungry for it. They want it. If we challenge them and set the bar high, they will rise to it.

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