Thank you for considering me for speaking at your event.

I have delivered speeches in keynote and breakout settings, and I am very focused on making sure my presentation will meet your needs as a meeting planner.

Like you, I have also organized conferences, so I understand the importance of getting the right speaker to deliver the right message.
I am happy to learn how I may serve you by speaking at your event.


  • In advance of your event, I will interview you to determine what you are trying to achieve through this presentation at your event, so I can best serve you and your audience.
  • I will prepare and deliver a dynamic yet professional presentation geared to produce the desired effects with your audience.
  • After your event, I will conduct a post-event interview to determine how well I met your expectations.


  • “Speaker’s style was excellent. He made it easy to listen + pay attention.”

  • “I found this gentleman to be very [energetic] and organized. I learned a lot from him and am eager to take what I learned back with me.”

  • “Excellent presentation, very useful information. Robert was very engaging.”

  • “Very well done!”

  • “Very Powerful & Timely Presentation”

  • “Excellent presentation”

  • “Very helpful information, very good, visionary”

  • “Clear, concise, practical”

  • “If no other sessions this was worth the event. Thank you!”

  • “Food for thought!”

  • “He did great – always want more”

  • “Inspiring, yet simple, practical & organized”

  • “Good ideas and thoughts. Very practical”

  • “Powerful! Listening to his talk was motivating me to be more involved”

  • “Perfect presentation”


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