Diversity Starts with You

Culture change starts with you as a leader. In your role at your organization, you can have a profound impact on the people employed there. You have the potential to be an agent of transformation. You can make a contribution … Read more

3 Things That Get in the Way of Your Self-Awareness

Our society today has a self-awareness crisis. It doesn’t matter where we look—business, politics, entertainment—we see its effects. The news regularly reports about the financial improprieties of business executives. Politicians get caught all the time doing something they knew they … Read more

What makes a Google team successful?

Remember the last time that you were part of a team assigned to create a deliverable? Whether it was weeks ago on the job or years ago at school, what stood out to you? Chances are that you had a … Read more

How Often Do You Get Brainwashed?

When I was a young man, I had a very selfish and self-centered paradigm. I believed the world revolved around me. Eventually, that paradigm broke down for me. It left me feeling empty and lonely, and I realized there had … Read more

Cold, Hard Facts and Blue-Sky Optimism Help You Win

Have you ever been in a meeting with these kinds of people? On one side of the table you have the guy who exudes optimism. He gushes about how the team can achieve what you have never been able to … Read more

Three Ways to Cultivate Mutual Understanding

Listening is a powerful tool. When you genuinely listen to someone, you provide fertile ground for transparency to grow.  And it is through that environment of listening and transparency that mutual understanding will flourish. When you empathically listen to someone, … Read more

Why Information Flow is Essential to a Team

Information flow is essential to a healthy work environment.  Your team needs to know what’s going on so they feel part of the team. A limited information flow is dangerous to the health of a team.  When the information flow … Read more

How to Create Clarity with Your Team

Teams need clarity to perform at their best.  Because everyone on the team needs their expectations clarified. In the absence of clear expectations, your team will make assumptions that may not be realized.  When that happens, disappointments are sure to … Read more

How to Become More Teachable

You learn more when you are teachable.  As the old adage says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  So how do you make yourself ready for the teacher?  How do you make yourself more teachable? Being teachable … Read more