A New Way to Look at Difficult Employees

How do you look at the difficult employees on your team? Could it be that you are looking at them the wrong way? I’m not saying that everyone is fixable. It may ultimately be better for everyone if the difficult … Read more

Be Gentle with Yourself

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How to Give Bad News

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How to Deal with Problem Employees

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How to Lead Your Thinking

If you are going to become the person you want to be, then you have to look at how you think.  How you think will determine how you act.  In order to act how you want to act, you must … Read more

How to Make Your Church Better

If you are disappointed with the people in your church, you can make your church better. But you may say, “You have never been to my church.  What do you do when you are surrounded by apathetic people? Or difficult people? … Read more

Why We Have to Be Willing to Say Hard Things

No one ever wants to have to say hard things.  We don’t want to have those direct and difficult conversations.  Where we fire someone.  Or correct someone.  Or have to tell them “No.” But we show our genuine love for … Read more

How to Love Difficult People

Who are the people who really get under your skin?  Do you know them from work?  Or maybe they’re family?  Or perhaps, you see them at church. We all know folks who can really bother us.  But it doesn’t have … Read more