A New Way to Look at Difficult Employees

How do you look at the difficult employees on your team? Could it be that you are looking at them the wrong way? I’m not saying that everyone is fixable. It may ultimately be better for everyone if the difficult … Read more

Be Gentle with Yourself

Lately I have had to deal with a lot of things that are outside my comfort zone. Sometimes I feel like I am being stretched beyond the breaking point. Even though change is uncomfortable, I realize it is still good … Read more

Clean the Barnacles off of Your Mind

Have you ever seen barnacles attached to a ship? These little crustaceans latch onto a marine vessel and hold onto the ship to feed. While they may seem harmless enough, they cause many problems for the vessel. Similarly, you can … Read more

Why Happiness Is a Choice

Everyone says they want to be happy. People frequently quote from the Declaration of Independence about the importance of the “pursuit of happiness.” And yet most people today are not truly happy. Abraham Lincoln famously said, “People are about as … Read more

God Has a Positive Answer for Negative Self-Talk

Be conscious of the negative self-talk you say to yourself because your mind will think you mean it. When you say negative things to yourself, you are contradicting things God has already said about you—because God has a positive answer … Read more

Why Your Workplace Is a Place for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth happens most through our interactions with others. Since you spend more of your waking hours with the people at your workplace, then your workplace is a place for spiritual growth. God works in you to want to do … Read more

How to Foster Goodwill with Your Team

Everyone on your team wants to feel appreciated.  The more you take the time to do that, the more you can develop goodwill with your team, and the more you can build a good brand. Scripture makes many references to … Read more

How to Rescue Your Mind from a Bad Attitude

Every now and then we all get a bad attitude.  We don’t go looking for it.  But it still happens.  So how do we rescue our mind from a bad attitude? Even when we try to guard our mind from … Read more

Today’s Self-Leadership Crisis and What We Can Do About It

We have a self-leadership crisis today.  It doesn’t matter where you look—politics, business, entertainment—you see its effects. I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone.  Sin dwells in everyone.  But we don’t have to accept the self-leadership crisis as permanent.  … Read more

How to Love Difficult People

Who are the people who really get under your skin?  Do you know them from work?  Or maybe they’re family?  Or perhaps, you see them at church. We all know folks who can really bother us.  But it doesn’t have … Read more