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How Is Your Emotional Intelligence?

Your emotional intelligence will be the most important skill in the workforce of the future. With AI becoming more and more a part of the workplace, humans will become more valuable for what makes them distinctively human. Your ability to … Read more

Self-Awareness Is Key to Good Leadership

If you are to become a good leader, self-awareness is something you must develop. In fact, self-awareness is one of the key fundamental building blocks of good leadership. There are many powerful and wealthy heads of companies in the world … Read more

What Would Your Team Say About Your Team Leadership?

The people who you lead often see a side of you that other people don’t see.  That is true for the employees who report to you.  And that is especially true about your children.  So what would your team say … Read more

Why Your Obedience to God is Important to Your Leadership at Work

What does obedience to God have to do with your leadership at work?  Everything.  Everyone is accountable to God for their actions. Your faithfulness in obeying God in the big things—and in the small things—will speak volumes about your character and … Read more