Integrity Is Key to Strategic Planning Implementation

Strategic planning is hard work. It takes a lot of effort to produce a good strategic plan, so it is important to implement the plan that you produce. In fact, implementation is the most important part of strategic planning. To … Read more

What Does Integrity Mean to You?

Before I started Transformational Impact LLC, I worked with my friend Ben Case. Ben is reputedly one of the best major gift fundraisers in the world, having helped nonprofits raise more than $4.8 billion in his 41 years in fundraising … Read more

Your Business Is God’s Business

I’ve been asked many times throughout my career if I am a pastor. And since I am not ordained, I respond in the negative. But I am a minister. And for that matter, so are you. Because your business is … Read more

Self-Awareness Is Key to Good Leadership

If you are to become a good leader, self-awareness is something you must develop. In fact, self-awareness is one of the key fundamental building blocks of good leadership. There are many powerful and wealthy heads of companies in the world … Read more

Integrity Means All the Time

When is it important to have integrity? Some of the time or all of the time? My friend Ben Case, President of Case Consulting Services, has been a hallmark of integrity as long as I have known him. And he … Read more

The Three Parts of Business Leadership Integrity

Integrity is important for your leadership. It is important for you to be the same person all the time, especially if you are running a business. The people in your charge are relying on you to display the kind of … Read more

The Top 5 Must Read Christian Leadership Books

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How to Prepare Your Mind to Receive God’s Vision for Your Life

When you plant a garden, you have to prepare the soil so the seeds can grow. Similarly, you have to prepare your mind to receive God’s vision for your life. Nothing can grow in poor soil.  Similarly, we will not … Read more

How Can You Incorporate Your Faith in Business Life?

Is business a faith-free zone?  Can you involve faith in business?  More importantly, should you incorporate your faith in business dealings? Faith and business seem to have a constant tension today.  Faith is often seen as meddlesome in the workplace.  … Read more

How to Engineer a Personal Brand Transformation

How do you go about doing a personal brand transformation?  Well, what do you want to be—when you grow up? We’ve all been asked that question.  When we were little.  When we were graduating.  When we were looking for our … Read more