Operationalize Your Brand in Your Company Culture

How do you strategically ensure that your customers consistently experience your brand positively? Your customers will receive a clear brand message from your company only if your employees’ actions exude your brand. COVID has created a challenging environment for creating … Read more

How to Construct Your Company’s Brand Identity

In order for your company to achieve what you are supposed to achieve, you first must embrace your brand identity. Once you understand your brand identity, then you can determine what you should do, whom you should serve, and where … Read more

How Submission Improves Your Leadership

Self-discipline is an important practice to cultivate in developing our leadership skills.  And submission is an important part of developing that self-discipline. Submission is a spiritual principle that has powerful application in the natural realm.  As 1 Corinthians 10:33-11:1 says, … Read more

How to Build Morale for Your Team

Your team will look to you as a leader to build morale for the team.  Because it’s up to you to set the right tone with your leadership. We’ve all heard the workplace line, “The beatings will continue until morale … Read more

How a Ministry Vision Will Transform Your Company

You have the power to do much good with your business.  Not just to create wealth.  But to impact lives for God’s Kingdom.  All you need is a ministry vision. Think of your business as an instrument in God’s hand … Read more

How to Systematize the Culture at Your Workplace

Your workplace culture will be created by how well you live out your values.  What you say matters, but how you systematize the culture will make the difference.  And Jesus exemplified this best. It’s the 1,000 little things you do … Read more

How to Avoid the Hypocrisy Police

A couple of my kids deputized themselves as the Hypocrisy Police. Whenever my actions veered from what I said should be done, they would say, “But Daddy, you saaaid …”. In those moments, I would either need to 1. Explain … Read more

How to Create Culture at Home or Work

How do we create culture?  We hear about “the culture” all the time.  Whether it’s in our society.  Or our workplace.  Or in our own homes. Culture is the acceptable norms adopted by the majority of people in a given … Read more

Is Your Church Family Really a Family?

More than a dozen years ago, Eric Wallace wrote a provocative book about how many well-intentioned church programs do more to pull families apart than build them up. In Uniting Church and Home: A Blueprint for Rebuilding Church Community, Wallace … Read more