Four Attributes of a CORE Purpose

To keep your organization afloat you need to have positive cashflow. But that can’t be what your organization is all about. It’s important to focus on what’s deeper than making money—especially if you want to make more money. To secure … Read more

COVID-19 Provides Strategic Branding Opportunities

The other day I interviewed a CEO for a book I am writing. During our conversation, he told me his company did some research 10 years ago about what differentiated them from their competition. What did their customers tell them? … Read more

Three Ways You Grow through Being Uncomfortable

I have two sons who are weightlifters. They like to work out together, and they lift a whole lot more than I remember lifting when I was their age. They enjoy pushing themselves to the point that it hurts. That’s … Read more

Why You Must Stay Intentionally Curious

Curiosity is a good thing to develop in your life—especially your professional life. But curiosity requires that you have your eyes wide open. You have to be observant to notice what’s going on around you. That’s why you must be … Read more

De-Mystifying Strategic Planning

Strategic planning seems overly complex to many people. There are many different methodologies to choose from in approaching the strategic planning process. But there are basic steps involved in all strategic planning processes, and understanding those steps will help leaders … Read more

How to Cultivate a Lifelong Learning Perspective

At one time in my professional career I thought I had learned everything I would learn.  As you can imagine, I had come to a plateau—or should I say, a valley—in my development.  If I knew then what I know now, … Read more

When Is the Right Time to Change Careers?

Have you ever felt like a square peg in a round role?  Justin Wise has. He was living the dream.  But it was someone else’s dream. He had gone to seminary and was pastoring at a church.  But he was … Read more