Integrity Is Key to Strategic Planning Implementation

Strategic planning is hard work. It takes a lot of effort to produce a good strategic plan, so it is important to implement the plan that you produce. In fact, implementation is the most important part of strategic planning. To … Read more

Operationalize Your Brand in Your Company Culture

How do you strategically ensure that your customers consistently experience your brand positively? Your customers will receive a clear brand message from your company only if your employees’ actions exude your brand. COVID has created a challenging environment for creating … Read more

COVID-19 Provides Strategic Branding Opportunities

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How to Develop a Strategic Company Culture

To develop a strategic company culture, you must think through how you want it to look. Only by putting the thought in beforehand, will you be able to have it turn out the way you want it to turn out. … Read more

How to Intentionally Form New Habits

Are there things you do that you wish you didn’t do?  Are there things that you don’t do that you wish you did?  Then you can change that about yourself.  You can turn over a new leaf.  But first you … Read more

When Is The Right Time for Strategic Planning?

It is always important to think about the future of your business.  But when is the right time for strategic planning? The short answer to that question is whenever you will expect to experience significant change.  And in today’s business … Read more

Ground Rules for Successful Strategic Planning

Whenever I begin a strategic planning session with a client, I always give the board and executive leadership team the ground rules to make the time as productive as it can be. Before I lead a client through this process, … Read more

Why Training Is Important to the Growth of Your Business

While training is an area that often is overlooked, it is a strategic component of growing your business.  If you want to make your business scalable, then it is essential to make training part of your business culture. Business owners … Read more

How to Make a Situational Self-Assessment When You Have to Make a Key Decision

When you come to a fork in the road, how do you decide what to do?  Of course, you need to bathe the situation in prayer.  But what do you do next?  When you have to make that key decision, … Read more