How Is Your Emotional Intelligence?

Your emotional intelligence will be the most important skill in the workforce of the future. With AI becoming more and more a part of the workplace, humans will become more valuable for what makes them distinctively human. Your ability to … Read more

A New Way to Look at Difficult Employees

How do you look at the difficult employees on your team? Could it be that you are looking at them the wrong way? I’m not saying that everyone is fixable. It may ultimately be better for everyone if the difficult … Read more

Stop Trying to Find Happiness

When you ask people what they want out of life, they often say that they “want to be happy.” But research has shown that happiness isn’t as fulfilling as we might think it is. Roy Baumeister and other social psychologists … Read more

Self-Awareness Is Key to Good Leadership

If you are to become a good leader, self-awareness is something you must develop. In fact, self-awareness is one of the key fundamental building blocks of good leadership. There are many powerful and wealthy heads of companies in the world … Read more

How to Deal with Problem Employees

When you think of the difficult people on your team, what do you think of? How do you perceive the problem employees on your team? Could it be that you are looking at them the wrong way? I’m not saying … Read more

How You Can Maximize Your Influence

Leadership is often misunderstood.  Many think it’s a position of authority.  Others think it’s telling others what to do.  Leadership simply put is influence. When we look at leadership in that context, we see that influence can be wielded in a … Read more

How Well Do You Guard Your Mind from Unhealthy Thoughts?

How you think will determine how you act.  Unhealthy thoughts will affect your outlook and your actions.  So how do you keep unhealthy thoughts away?  It comes down to how well you guard your mind. It’s important to think about … Read more

Is Your Church Family Really a Family?

More than a dozen years ago, Eric Wallace wrote a provocative book about how many well-intentioned church programs do more to pull families apart than build them up. In Uniting Church and Home: A Blueprint for Rebuilding Church Community, Wallace … Read more