How I Learned Appreciation and How You Can Too

I learned appreciation one summer when I was in college. I was working at a beautifully restored colonial home that had been converted into a four-star hotel and restaurant. Even though my main job was to carry guests’ bags to … Read more

Do Not Worry About the Next Step

Many people want to move forward, but they are worried about making the next step. They are concerned that they will make a mistake. Or look foolish. Or both. But the only way to move forward is to be willing … Read more

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Do you know yourself well enough to know what you’re good at? Knowing what you’re good at help you know how to apply yourself. Before I committed to writing a blog, I didn’t know that I was a good writer. … Read more

You Don’t Have to Know What’s In Between

You can learn something for your professional career from the Oreo Mystery Flavor. Last fall Oreo announced a contest where the cookie brand offered everyone who submitted the correct flavor on their website could earn a chance to win $50,000. … Read more

Three Potential-Limiting Distractions to Watch Out for

All distractions can steal your time, but some distractions can steal your potential. Even though all distractions can take you off course, these potential-limiting distractions can make you think that you are still on the right road. These potential-limiting distractions … Read more

Four Ways You Can Declutter Your Mind

In today’s constant pace it’s tempting to think you need to maximize every spare minute. As a result you can keep yourself so busy that you don’t think you have time to slow down. But to keep yourself at your … Read more

Does Your Business Own You?

You spend a lot of time on your business because you have your own business.  Or does your business own you? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t put a lot of time into your business.  But you should consider why … Read more

When Is The Right Time for Strategic Planning?

It is always important to think about the future of your business.  But when is the right time for strategic planning? The short answer to that question is whenever you will expect to experience significant change.  And in today’s business … Read more

Ground Rules for Successful Strategic Planning

Whenever I begin a strategic planning session with a client, I always give the board and executive leadership team the ground rules to make the time as productive as it can be. Before I lead a client through this process, … Read more

How to Cultivate a Lifelong Learning Perspective

At one time in my professional career I thought I had learned everything I would learn.  As you can imagine, I had come to a plateau—or should I say, a valley—in my development.  If I knew then what I know now, … Read more