The Culture Competency That Trips up Most Companies

From all the culture analyses I have performed, I find it interesting that the vast majority of the organizations I survey have shortcomings in the same area. In my surveys, I look at how these organizations score in Appreciation, Morale, … Read more

Self-Awareness Is Key to Good Leadership

If you are to become a good leader, self-awareness is something you must develop. In fact, self-awareness is one of the key fundamental building blocks of good leadership. There are many powerful and wealthy heads of companies in the world … Read more

How to Pray for Your Business to Bless Others

Prayer is important to anything we do. Most of us don’t do it enough. As a person in business, you have the privilege to pray for your business to bless others through a triple bottom line impact. It is important to … Read more

Three Ways to Cultivate Mutual Understanding

Listening is a powerful tool. When you genuinely listen to someone, you provide fertile ground for transparency to grow.  And it is through that environment of listening and transparency that mutual understanding will flourish. When you empathically listen to someone, … Read more

Why Information Flow is Essential to a Team

Information flow is essential to a healthy work environment.  Your team needs to know what’s going on so they feel part of the team. A limited information flow is dangerous to the health of a team.  When the information flow … Read more

How to Develop Transparency with Your Team

In today’s business culture, we have grown accustomed to people lying to us—or at least not being up front with us.  It seems commonplace to feel like we’re being snowed.  That’s why it is imperative that you have a transparency … Read more

What Would Your Team Say About Your Team Leadership?

The people who you lead often see a side of you that other people don’t see.  That is true for the employees who report to you.  And that is especially true about your children.  So what would your team say … Read more

How to Build Morale for Your Team

Your team will look to you as a leader to build morale for the team.  Because it’s up to you to set the right tone with your leadership. We’ve all heard the workplace line, “The beatings will continue until morale … Read more

How to Cultivate a Flourishing Culture of Innovation

Today’s marketplace obsesses about innovation, and yet there is confusion about how to create the necessary environment to cultivate it in the workplace. We can’t just demand innovation.  It doesn’t just happen. To create a culture of innovation, four T’s … Read more