Four Signs of a Toxic Culture

Your culture defines how things are done at your organization. But it’s possible your culture defines how things are not done at your organization. Instead of moving your organization forward, it’s possible your culture is holding you back. If that’s … Read more

Do Not Worry About the Next Step

Many people want to move forward, but they are worried about making the next step. They are concerned that they will make a mistake. Or look foolish. Or both. But the only way to move forward is to be willing … Read more

26 Character Traits You Want to Develop

I recently came across a Bible study I had done more than 20 years into character traits of elders and deacons. My study showed what the Lord would require of those who aspired to those offices. At the time I did … Read more

How Often Do You Get Brainwashed?

When I was a young man, I had a very selfish and self-centered paradigm. I believed the world revolved around me. Eventually, that paradigm broke down for me. It left me feeling empty and lonely, and I realized there had … Read more

How to Have the Perspective to Guide Your Business

Leadership starts with understanding your starting point and your ending point. By having a proper perspective, you can chart your course. Otherwise, you will end up like Alice taking directions from the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in … Read more

How to Give a Real Apology

In today’s culture, you don’t often see people give a real apology. They don’t even acknowledge that they have done anything wrong. They make excuses for their behavior, and they try to skirt around the issue. As a result, they … Read more

You Don’t Have to Know What’s In Between

You can learn something for your professional career from the Oreo Mystery Flavor. Last fall Oreo announced a contest where the cookie brand offered everyone who submitted the correct flavor on their website could earn a chance to win $50,000. … Read more

How to Look for Silver Linings in Life’s Setbacks

When everything goes wrong, it’s hard to be positive.  In fact, it’s easy to get downright negative.  But it’s during those times that we need to motivate ourselves to keep going.  And we need to remember the old adage, “Every … Read more

How to Build Trust with Your Team

Trust is a fragile thing.  We want our team to trust us, but trust cannot be developed overnight.  You can only build trust through a consistent relationship maintained over time. In developing an environment of trust with your team, it … Read more

How to Make Your Church Better

If you are disappointed with the people in your church, you can make your church better. But you may say, “You have never been to my church.  What do you do when you are surrounded by apathetic people? Or difficult people? … Read more