The Discipline of Finding God’s Vision for Your Life – Part 2: Abram’s Response

Sep 13, 2016

In my last post, I discussed what vision is and why it is important.  Today’s post will focus on the Scriptural example of Abram’s response to God’s vision for his life.

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Since Abram’s response changed the world forever, it’s worth taking a closer look at what Abram did.


Let’s look at a biblical example of vision in the account of Abraham.

God planted a vision in Abram’s heart.  God told him that he would be a blessing to all people (Genesis 12:1-3).  But first, he would have to leave his country and family and head to an unknown land.

Verse 4 of chapter 12 records Abram’s response: he left.  Abraham didn’t know what to expect, but he went anyway.  Abram responded in faith to God’s vision.

Abram did not know why he was going into Canaan.  Only after he had arrived in Canaan did God tell him why he sent him there.  When in Canaan, Abram learned that God would give his progeny the land (Genesis 12:7a).

After Abram’s men and Lot’s men quarreled, Abram gave up his privilege as the elder man and gave Lot the pick of the land.  Then God spoke to Abram again in Genesis 13: 14b-17 and confirmed his vision that

  • He will give him all the land that he can see,

  • He will make his descendants beyond numbering, and

  • He will give them the land forever.

When Abram rescued Lot from the kings of Shinar, Eliasar. Elam, and the other nations, God spoke to Abram again.  But this time Abram argued with him.  Abram questioned how he will have progeny when he has no children.  In response, God promised that his progeny would be as numerous as the stars (Genesis 15:4b-5).

Abram’s response is recorded in Genesis 15:6, and Romans 4:3, Galatians 3:6, and James 2:23—

Abram believed God, and God counted him righteous for doing so.


Abram did not have the full picture when he moved.  God told him to go, and he did.  He didn’t bargain with God to learn more information before we went.  Instead he moved forward in faith.  And God honored Abram’s faith by counting it as righteousness.

When God gives you a vision, he wants you to run with it.  Even if you don’t understand how it will be fulfilled.  He is more interested in your faithfulness than in your fulfillment of it.  When you walk with God and wait on God, you forge the trust to work with God.

In my next post, I will further apply the Scriptural example of Abram’s response to our situations, so we can know how we should live our lives.

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