Three Essentials of Good Branding

Building a good brand is not complicated. Good branding starts with leadership who understand how they want to define their brand and then deliver that brand over and over again.

While good branding is not complicated, it’s not necessarily easy. It involves creating a culture where everyone understands what the brand promise means and how to repeatedly deliver that promise to customers.

You must design your brand promise so that every customer will understand the brand message. To create that experience, follow these three essentials of good branding.


1. Clarity


When defining your brand, it is important to be totally clear in your mind what promise you will make to your customer. This promise will be what you want your customer to perceive about your company.

It is imperative that this promise be specific. You cannot be generic about what you want your customer to perceive about your company. It must be perfectly clear to you before it will be clear to anyone else.

You can’t just promise that your customer can trust you. You have to be able to give reasons why they can trust you. Once you are clear in your mind about the reasons to back up the promise of your brand, then you can implement your brand promise.


2. Intentionality


When you are clear about your brand promise, then you must be intentional about your brand promise. It must become part of everything you do.

It is important to design all of your customer contact points with your brand promise in mind. Think through all the ways that your customer will come in contact with your company, and then make sure that your brand promise will be kept in all of those situations.

You can’t just deliver on your brand promise in person. Your phone conversations must reinforce the intended brand. Your website must deliver the brand promise. The brand promise must be delivered every way your customer can come in contact with your company name.


3. Consistency


After you have thought through all of the possible connection points with your brand promise, then you must be consistent in keeping that brand promise. Every time.

Consistent delivery of your brand promise will reinforce the intended perception in your customer’s mind. And that brand consistency will foster trust in your customer’s mind. Your customer wants to know what to expect, and they want to know that what they expect will be delivered. Every time.

When your customer experiences a consistent delivery of your brand promise in person, over the phone, and on the internet, then your customer will see your brand promise in action. They will not just be told your brand promise; they will experience your brand promise in action. Every time. And that is the essence of good branding.


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