What Moving Taught Me About Life

Moving taught me a lot.  We just moved out of the Washington DC area out into the Shenandoah Valley.

We had a love-hate relationship with the DC area for a long time.  We appreciated all the area offers, but it came with a high price tag.  And lots of traffic.

From our quarter-acre yard, we saw only asphalt and houses.  Now all we see are mountains and cows.

Lately I’ve been ruminating about what moving has taught me about life.  Here’s what I’ve learned.


1. It starts with a decision. Nothing changes until your mind does.

My wife and I had dreamed about moving for years.

Last summer we went away for a week.  We had not been away overnight without the kids for 14 years.  It was high time.

We talked about the kind of house we wanted someday.  Then we realized it was not going to happen just by dreaming.

At some point, all of us have to stop wanting something different and just decide to change.  Whether it’s our decision to follow Christ, or to realize life-long dreams, or even to be the person you long to be.

Dreaming doesn’t do it.  Deciding does.

2. Talk is cheap. Action is what matters.

When we decided we wanted to move, we then had to back that choice with action.

A new house would not materialize in front of us.  We had to go get it.

That meant finding a Realtor.  Looking for a house.  Getting a loan.

A vision of where we want to go is important.  And a strategy of how we get there is essential.  But actually doing the work gets it done.

We can’t expect our lives to change just because we want them to.  The evidence of a changed life is, after all … a changed life.

3. It requires leaving some things behind. We cannot move and stay in the same place.

After we moved out, we looked around the empty house.  It felt strange.

After 15 years there, we had lots of memories.  Three of our kids were born while we lived there.  And all of them grew up.  A lot.

My wife and I thank God for all He gave us there.  But we can’t stay where we were if we want to embrace where we want to go.

Many times it is more comfortable to stay where we are than to go where we dream of going.  I know that from personal experience.

We all want something in our lives to change.  But change is hard.  It comes with a price.

We have to decide what we want.  Work to make it happen.  And be willing to move on.

It’s been a lot of work to get to this point.  But we’re excited about what’s next.

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