What Should a Good Company Culture Look Like?

To have good company culture in the workplace, four key pieces are necessary. In fact, a company culture will not work as it should without all four pieces in place.

Your company culture will never become better than you can envision it to be. You first must have an idea of what kind of culture you want to cultivate. Only then can you put it into practice.

Here is a description of the four pieces that must be in place for a good company culture, along with twelve questions to consider about your workplace culture.


1. Tenderness


Leadership must care enough about their team that their team members genuinely believe that their leaders genuinely care about them—and take an active and ongoing interest in their professional and personal development. Leadership must regularly give praise for what the team does well and compassionately give constructive feedback to help them improve. And leadership must also place a premium value on flexibility in the workplace and be willing to change.

  1. In the past, have you been uncomfortable with a “touchy feely” model of doing business?
  2. How much have you reconciled your faith with your business leadership?
  3. In what ways could you cultivate a Culture of Tenderness at your workplace?


2. Team


Leadership must ensure that everyone understands and identifies with the vision of the organization and subscribes to the organization’s core values. Leadership must explain the importance of the work that the organization does to the extent that the team members believe that the work they do matters. Everyone must see that their individual performance is important to moving the organization forward, and leadership must ensure that everyone feels that their colleagues are all pulling their own weight.

  1. How much does your company work as a team?
  2. How focused have you been up to this point on having your team act like a team?
  3. What can you do to help your team become more of a team?


3. Trust


Leadership must inspire confidence in their team members to believe that the leaders know how to run the organization. Leadership must provide sufficient autonomy for assignments and must provide the tools that the team members believe are necessary to do their jobs. And leadership must also ensure that they treat everyone fairly and trust that they will do their best work.

  1. How trusting do you feel your workplace is?
  2. How much have actions contributed to a Culture of Trust in your workplace?
  3. In what ways could you increase the trust that your team has for you? for each other?


4. Transparency


Leadership must communicate authentically with team members and ensure that communications are understood by everyone. Leadership must be willing to freely share information--in person as often as practicable—and clarify responsibilities so that everyone understands what is expected.

  1. How much transparency do you have in your organization now?
  2. How much have your actions contributed to a Culture of Transparency? Or not?
  3. In what ways could you become more transparent in your communications with your team?


If you implement the 4 T’s of Tenderness, Team, Trust, and Transparency, then you will have a good company culture.


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