Through researching today’s workforce across industries and regions of the country, international bestselling author Robert McFarland discovered the four biggest concerns that bosses have about their employees.


By reading Dear Employee and applying what you learn

  • you will become invaluable to your boss
  • you will become happier at work
  • your colleagues will appreciate you more

Reading Dear Employee will help you

  • take control of your career
  • transform your relationship with your boss
  • create a highly satisfying work experience for yourself

If you want your work to provide you with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment—no matter what you do at your job—then Dear Employee is the book for you.

What Others Are Saying

  • “Do bosses have feelings about their decisions and people that they report to—and that report to them? You bet they do! Rock solid research enables the reader to trust the conclusions Robert McFarland digs out in Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew. The qualitative and quantitative benchmarks bring the idea that disconnection in the workplace is a reality. McFarland’s work emphasizes the human factor as it relates to the bottom line in business. The nuggets that he pulls out of the research and how he relates with everyday life are refreshing. This book will shift your paradigm about bringing your heart to the workplace.”

    Bob Hasson Co-Author, The Business of Honor CEO, Hasson Inc. Management and Leadership Consultant
  • “The central theme of this book applies to all in the work place: how to use submission as a path to success. Anyone, even the boss, who will practice these principles will not only guarantee themselves promotion after promotion, but new success at home and in your personal life. This book has the potential to change your workplace into a place that engenders this response from the labor force: ‘I can’t wait to go to work today.’ Wouldn’t you like to wake up with that attitude each day? If you practice the principles explained in this book, your view of work and your workplace will change drastically.”

    Mike Smith President, Home School Legal Defense Association
  • “Whether in personal relationships or the work environment, there are certain universal skills that apply to life: self-examination and communication. It’s one thing to know these skills, but another thing entirely to POSITIVELY do them. In Dear Boss and Dear Employee, Robert provides practical steps to implement these skills in our lives. Robert’s work here is refreshing—an excellent reminder that the key to a successful relationship starts with me.”

    The Honorable Tony Wilt President, Superior Concrete, Inc. Member, Virginia House of Delegates
  • Are you easy or difficult to manage? Before you answer that question, you need to read Dear Employee. Robert McFarland provides compelling research showing that while your boss’ leadership is important, in the end it’s your own Self-Leadership that determines your satisfaction on the job. This book is an excellent tool for any organization's leadership development program, and it is must reading for young adults just entering the workforce.

    Bill Hendricks Author, The Person Called YOU President, The Giftedness Center Executive Director for Christian Leadership, The Hendricks Center, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • “Employee handbooks may be the most boring books in the history of literature. Every organization has them, but nobody reads them and nobody cares. Now, Robert McFarland has a solution that I can get behind. His new book, Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew, is the book every working person needs to read. Sure, we need to know about vacation days, termination policies, and organizational structure, but now, we have a book that covers the really important information that makes an organization work. This is insight that will motivate and inspire you. My only regret is that I didn’t have this book at my first job.”

    Phil Cooke, Ph.D. Filmmaker, media consultant, and author, One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do
  • "A helpful tandem to his first book, Dear Boss: What Your Employers Wish You Knew, Robert McFarland’s new book, Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew, flips the script and helps us all understand what’s required to be a model employee by drawing on the best research, grounded in the best source — the Bible. Combining deep wisdom with practical insights, every reader will benefit from this book.”

    Dr. Jerry A. Johnson President & CEO, National Religious Broadcasters
  • “Robert does an amazing job of breaking down and explaining what a boss goes through in running a business or organization. Once an employee understands the boss’s role, it makes their job much easier. It makes them a better employee. This is a must read for every employee!”

    Nathan Tabor
  • “I am thrilled to find a book that although designed for employees (and bosses!) is so relationship oriented that I can recommend it to everyone from sports teams to married couples. Thoroughly researched and supported by quotes from well-known authors and business leaders, it‘s steeped in the authority and credibility decision makers can depend on.”

    W. H. Stevens Jr. International award winning film and TV producer, Christian broadcasting executive, and world record powerlifter
  • “Mr. McFarland has again defined the integral elements needed to facilitate meaningful communications and has poignantly articulated them in his new book Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew. His principles have served as a guide for our school to institute transformational reform in how we communicate with each other.”

    M. E. Black CAPT USN (Retired) Superintendent, Fishburne Military School
  • “Robert McFarland did it again. His comprehensive work on Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes you Knew is an excellent work that will take leaders to a new level and bring upcoming leaders to new awareness of growth. Robert shows the reader not only his knowledge, but his experience comes out in this writing as well. The reader will be blessed in the reading.”

    Barbara Lachance CEO, Generational Solutions LLC
  • “I recommend this book to anyone dissatisfied with their job. Through biblical wisdom and years of practical business experience, Robert McFarland teaches strategies to pursue desired careers then helps the reader develop tools necessary to achieve them. This book is a valuable resource for job seekers as well as anyone interested in moving up the corporate ladder.”

    Debra Fraser President/CEO, Total Living International
  • “Once again, my friend Robert McFarland provides another great resource for the workplace. This time, for employees wanting to show good character and leadership in the workplace. I highly recommend this book!”

    Tim Wildmon President, American Family Association
  • “While the title implies this book is for the workplace, it is for anyone who desires to live a life of integrity that encourages others and leverages God given gifts. That said, I have found that learning to manage your boss is one of the most important, and most frequently neglected, career-building skills. McFarland defines it as Self Leadership and offers biblically based pragmatic reflections for cultivating HOPE. Had I read this book earlier, it would have saved me professional angst and the need to ask forgiveness from my former boss! Anyone who complains about their boss (or spouse) can expect a copy of this book from me.”

    Judith R. Trumbo President/CEO, VMRC
  • “Finally a book that exposes the unspoken expectations of the person that holds many of the keys to your success in the workplace--your boss! Read it— apply it—succeed!”

    Dr. Randy Carlson CEO, Family Life Communications and Intentional Living
  • “We’ve all had the frustrating experience of getting stuck in a vehicle. Often, the answer to getting out of a muddy rut is not to keep stepping on the accelerator, spinning the tires faster and going nowhere. Often, it takes a strategy and power to tow or push the car out. Help is here! If you feel that you’re spinning your wheels on your career path, Robert lends a hand (and a plan!) with this book to get you unstuck and on your way again.”

    Dr. Jennifer Epperson Director of Research and Learning, Moody Radio
  • “With Dear Employee Robert McFarland has done it again. The author of Dear Boss has completed the cycle by giving insight into how employees can engage in self leadership and enhance their work experience and the contribution they make at work as a result. In an age where there is often a disconnect between management and the labor force, building an effective team between the two is essential for flourishing. This book will help you get there from wherever you sit in your job.”

    Dr. Darrell L. Bock Dr. Darrell L. Bock
  • “In his book, Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew, Robert McFarland brilliantly blends business smarts with biblical truths. Most important to me, Robert enables readers to take action. Knowing the right thing to do is easier than doing the right thing. Robert’s thoughtful approach will motivate every employee—and even their bosses—to do the right thing. Robert’s solution of Self-Leadership, and his deep explanation on this solution, is one I totally endorse and share with professionals, friends, and family. I wanted to list the specific points I really liked in this endorsement—but the list got too long!”

    Ben Case Chief Executive Officer, Focused On Fundraising, Inc.
  • “Robert McFarland has written an amazing book. If you employ people, you will find it helpful in communicating with your employees. If you are an employee, it will help you understand how your boss thinks and what he expects of you.”

    Steve Wingfield Founder and CEO, VICTORY WEEKEND Ministries Partner, Lodestar-Guidance
  • “He’s done it again! My longtime friend Robert McFarland wisely combines the timeless truths of scripture with tough and relevant questions. Read it with a teachable heart and an open mind to be challenged, encouraged, and taken to the next level. A must read for every boss and employee.”

    Stu Epperson, Jr. Founder/President, The Truth Network Author, First Words of Jesus: From the Cradle to the Cross
  • “We live in a culture where complaining is almost a default response to any kind of stress. That’s never healthy, but in the workplace, that can be toxic. Robert McFarland has already given us great insight into what employers need to hear from those they supervise. He’s now helping us understand what employees need to know about their bosses. Respectful dialog, rather than corrosive complaint, is a key to resolution, productivity, and workplace satisfaction. McFarland charts a clear course toward that desirable end.”

    Robert F. Schwarzwalder, Jr. Senior Lecturer, Regent University Former Senior Vice President, Family Research Council
  • “Great leaders across this country are burning out. A wild fire is blazing at the employee level that is destroying organizations. In this book Robert gives great perspectives and advice to start a backfire that may save your organization. Not only is this a great book for employees, but for bosses who think they are all alone.”

    Tim McDermott Chief Operating Officer, Praise FM
  • “I learned the hard way that you will never lead others if you can't lead yourself. McFarland’s advice on Self-Leadership is worth the price of admission. It is what I wished someone had told me when I was graduating from college.”

    Hugh Whelchel Executive Director, Institute of Faith, Work & Economics Author, How Then Should We Work: Rediscovering the Biblical Meaning of Work
  • “Self-leadership or self-governance is the wellspring to integrity, respect, and honor in the workplace. It steers supervisors from the ditch of micro-management and protects employees from the blowout of entitlement mentality. Robert McFarland’s practical guidelines keep us in our lane and gets us all back to making a living doing what we love.”

    Dr. Joseph Umidi Executive Vice President, Regent University Founder, Lifeforming Leadership Coaching
  • “As a CEO and researcher, I found myself absorbed in the survey and research findings in Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew. The Biblical references are refreshing, and Robert McFarland did an excellent job of nailing down the demeanor and thoughts of today’s workforce.”

    Arnie Cole CEO, Back to the Bible
  • “Don’t get confused: Robert McFarland’s book, Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew, is not just for employees but for everyone. It could have been entitled, Dear One: What Your Maker Wishes You Knew—A Guide to a Fulfilled Life. Robert presents principles that, if practiced, will enable one to not only be a better employee but develop a fulfilled life of meaning and purpose.”

    Dick Blackwell, PE Principal, Blackwell Engineering
  • “Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew should be given out alongside the employee handbook in companies everywhere. Staff who take to heart the author’s insights on team participation, accountability, integrity, discipline—and so much more—will themselves become leaders. Robert McFarland (no relation, as far as I know) is a trusted voice in leadership and organizational theory. We eagerly look forward to everything he publishes.”

    Dr. Alex McFarland author, educator, entrepreneur
  • “Robert’s books have touched on some key areas critical to success in our organizations. I appreciate his willingness to use faith as a guiding principle in how we look at these workplace relationships. His mix of stories and real data brings credibility to his message. This book as well as his first can serve as a wonderful guide to building a healthy and productive team.”

    Wayne Witmer President, Harman Construction, Inc.
  • “Robert McFarland does it again. This time he flips the research so you learn the other side of the story. In Dear Employee, What Your Boss Wishes you Knew, you’ll discover what’s going in the mind of your boss. McFarland offers the data that supports how insufficient acknowledgement, imperfect communication, inadequate work ethic, and a lack of the big picture create unproductive tension. But he doesn’t stop there! The rest of the book empowers you to be the bridge that closes the gap. You’ll learn how to become an honoring, open, processing, and engaged employee. This is your chance to transform the relationship with your boss and create a highly satisfying work experience.”

    Tami Heim President and CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance
  • “The gulf between a boss and an employee can be a wide one. Robert's work to bridge that gap—through this book and his Dear Boss—is important and provides the type of practical advice needed to convert theory to reality. Thank you, Robert, for this fine work!”

    Mark Hancock Chief Executive Officer, Trail Life USA
  • “In Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew, Robert McFarland refreshingly and deftly breaks down the seemingly complex world of business management into simple to understand, bite size pieces of dealing with the human factor in the marketplace. Ultimately, it is all about Self-Leadership. This book can serve as a practical primer for those in positions of leadership to share with their employees as an effective starting point to discuss their work and the workplace environment. I recommend it!”

    Joe Battaglia Broadcaster, author of Unfriended: Finding True Community in a Disconnected Culture President, Renaissance Communications
  • “There is a leadership crisis today and Robert McFarland shares how to make the changes that will bring out the best in our people and organizations. With multiple generations in our workforce, it's hard to keep our best talent and our workforce doesn't know how to develop the relationships and trust required to keep our best people. It comes down to who you are as a leader. This isn't just a leadership book. It is a playbook on how to make the changes needed to be successful and significant.”

    John Ramstead CEO, Beyond Influence, Inc. Host, Eternal Leadership podcast
  • “Finally a book that shows you how you can take charge of yourself and your future. Stop complaining about your life or your job or your boss, and do something about it. Read Dear Employee and do what Robert McFarland says. You’ll be glad you did.”

    Star Parker Founder and President, Center for Urban Renewal and Education
  • “Using research as the starting point and Scriptural principles as the road map, Robert McFarland explores what bosses wish their employees knew in order to create a healthy and thriving workplace. McFarland's principle of ‘self-leadership always preceding team leadership’ is ground-breaking. I only wish I had been taught these insights early on in my calling as a pastor.”

    Dr. John F. Sloop retired pastor

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