Upon completing research into the American workforce, Transformational Impact LLC founder Robert McFarland discovered the four biggest threats to a healthy company culture. Most companies are at a significant disadvantage because they do not sufficiently address these threats. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Transformational Impact LLC can help you address these threats, discover your blind spots as a leader, and map out a strategy to a more productive and profitable future for your company.


The research was gathered from people:

  • across the country
  • of different ethnicities
  • of different education attainment
  • of different income levels

By reading this book, you will learn how to

  • increase your Active Leadership
  • address the four greatest concerns of American employees
  • develop a stronger team at your workplace
  • cultivate an environment for greater profitability

What Others Are Saying

  • “There are so many disconnects in our culture, whether in families, on campuses, or in places of employment. Especially employment – job retention rates are low, morale is often lower, and productivity suffers. So what can leaders do to nurture an affirming culture in the workplace? My good friend Robert McFarland has written a stellar guide for any employer who wishes to build a biblical model for himself and within his staff. I give Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew a double thumbs-up. It’s that good!”

    Joni Eareckson Tada Founder and CEO, Joni and Friends International Disability Center
  • Dear Boss is a practical, challenging, and inspiring guide that reflects its author’s many hard-fought years of experience. Not only will it help you become more effective as a leader, it will nurture and strengthen your faith as well.

    Jim Daly President, Focus on the Family
  • In our national obsession with “leadership” we often forget that great leadership is reflected in the eyes of our employees and team members. That’s why Robert McFarland’s new book Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew is a wake up call to leaders everywhere. Too often, even visionary leaders are disconnected from the very team that can help them accomplish their goals, and Robert’s book is a roadmap that points out the pot holes on the road to achievement. Buy this book. It will help uncover your blind spots, and provide the answers you may not even realize you need.

    Phil Cooke, Ph.D Filmmaker, media consultant, and author, One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do
  • How often have you played out in your mind all the things you wanted to tell your boss? I know I have and that's why I found Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew by Robert McFarland so intriguing. What I discovered is the fresh concept of ACTIVE LEADERSHIP as a model worthy to study, follow and replicate. McFarland connects the power found in a leader’s words and actions and then demonstrates how to use them intentionally to unleash God’s best in people. If you longed for a leader who would do that for you and now want to be that kind of leader, then this is the book for you.

    Tami Heim President and CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance
  • “Workplace culture counts and Robert McFarland’s research reveals where it matters most; in the daily interactions with employees and staff. This intel is the key for employers to shape their culture to one of honor and trust in simple but profoundly effective ways. I plan on using this in my leadership classes and in my training of executive coaches.”

    Dr. Joseph Umidi Executive Vice President, Regent University
  • “Robert McFarland’s book, Dear Boss: offers every leader an opportunity to quickly improve the workplace. I appreciate his survey findings and Robert’s encouragement for managers at every level!”

    John Fuller Author, First Time Dad
  • “Robert has addressed, in a very clear and concise manner for employers, some of our blind spots. But he just didn’t point them out, he gave us clear direction and guidelines on how we can turn our business in to a happy place – one where productivity will sky rocket. Happy, appreciated employees give their best and look for creative ways to improve the business. This occurs even if they don’t have an ownership interest in the business. Robert brings it down to the most important aspects of employee productivity – they must feel like they are appreciated and that someone in management will have an open ear to their concerns and suggestions. This book is a must read for any supervisor.”

    Mike Smith President, Home School Legal Defense Association
  • “Robert McFarland has been thinking and writing about leadership and administration for many years. Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew: A Biblical Model to Improve Your Company Culture and Profitability reveals Christian principles that can help any business flourish. Get it; read it!”

    Dr. Jerry A. Johnson President & CEO, National Religious Broadcasters
  • “Successful leaders are intentional leaders. Nothing happens by accident. If your business faces up to the hard questions, you need help to discover the tough, intentional solutions. What Robert McFarland does with this book will help any leader—in business or otherwise—face the hard questions that your people want you to address, and he provides real-life practical solutions that can become the repeated daily habits you develop to become a better leader for your business and in your home.”

    Dr. Randy Carlson Founder and President, The Intentional Living Center and Family Life Communications
  • “Dear Boss is a solid look at what leadership needs to be to have business teams function and flourish. It is backed by research and loaded with practical advice. It is a useful look at what it take to be a good boss.”

    Darrell L. Bock Executive Director for Cultural Engagement, Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement.
    Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • “In this book, Robert McFarland applies biblical principles to the 21st century workforce. With jobs consuming much of our time each day, it is vital to explore how God’s word speaks truth in this area of our lives.”

    Tim Wildmon President, American Family Association
  • “As one of today’s leaders, you are undoubtedly facing challenges that have never been seen before. The super growth of technology, a changing market place, employees who have vastly different life values and goals than any other generation, the modern ‘family’ dynamic, the list goes on and on. Robert McFarland’s “Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew” gives you solid, biblical models to navigate your way, not just through today’s fast-paced business culture but also how to maximize your impact. I think it is a must read for today’s leaders.”

    Mike Novak CEO, K-LOVE & Air 1 Radio Networks
  • “Robert McFarland is passionate about helping organizations maximize their business and ministry potential. In his book, Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew, Robert challenges bosses to bridge the gap between employer and employees and reveals how. By following the Biblical road map of an ‘Active Leadership’ paradigm, we can transform the culture of our companies—and watch how families and even communities can flourish. This is a great book, especially for the times in which we live. You will want to read it and hang on to it as a continuing resource as you embrace the ‘Active Leadership’ paradigm in your organization!”

    Rich Bott Chairman/CEO, Bott Radio Network
  • “I wish Robert’s book on management and leadership had been available in my early days in management. It would have shortened my learning curve considerably and would have been a great blessing to those I managed. I highly recommend it.”

    Jerry Rose Chairman of the Board, Total Living Network
  • “Robert zeroes in on what every leader must know to lead a successful organization. The reader can take the clear principles he outlines and apply them today to make a positive change in their organization and individual leadership skills!”

    Bill Blount President, Life Changing Radio Network
  • “Too often we can get so busy making a living that we forget how to live. And, since so much of our life is spent on the job, we need to tools to maximize that significant component of our journey. Based on solid research and infused with loads of practical wisdom, Robert McFarland has written a well-balanced guide to help us find a well-lived career. I have been inspired through my personal interaction with Robert and by his regular blogs. Now, he takes that inspiration to a whole new level to help us find greater satisfaction in this thing called work.”

    Daniel Henderson President/Founder, Strategic Renewal.
    Author, The Deeper Life: Satisfying the 8 Vital Longings of the Soul
  • “In his book, Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew: A Biblical Model to Improve Your Company Culture and Profitability, Robert McFarland has nailed it in terms of management staff problems in organizations: 1. Insufficient appreciation. 2. Low morale. 3. Feeling of management incompetence. 4. Poor communications. These issues exist even in ministry organizations. Maybe especially in ministry organizations. But Robert doesn’t stop short with just listing the problems. He offers strategies for addressing and resolving those issues, strategies that include praise, trust and transparency. If you’re a manager and want to know what your staff wishes you would understand, you’d benefit by reading this book.”

    Wayne Pederson Global Ambassador, Reach Beyond
    Author, Reach Beyond
  • “If you've ever felt suffocated by your role as a leader, Robert McFarland's Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew provides the oxygen of heartfelt wisdom - grounded in research - to invigorate you and your team.”

    Danny Yamashiro President of JCCY, Inc.
    Host of The Good Life Radio Show
  • “I have known Robert for years, and we have worked together in Virginia to support Christian worldview principles in our Commonwealth. I know Robert’s heart, and this book is designed to really help employers, employees, and the working culture of companies of any size. What a timely subject! Robert has hit it out of the park.”

    David R. Barrett President/CEO, Barrett Capital Management, LLC
  • “If you are struggling to find stability in your business this book is a MUST for you! Robert challenges you to examine where you are and then gives you actionable steps. If you apply these principles you will get the results you desire!”

    Nathan Tabor
  • “What Your Employees Wish You Knew is an amazing book filled with information that will be relevant for years to come. From practical insight to emotional intelligence to developing spiritually, all who read it will use this resource as a tool for impacting their environment and for building God’s Kingdom in the marketplace.”

    Barbara Lachance Minister, Author and Entrepreneur
  • “This book should be in every business leader’s library. It advocates for change in the workplace and addressing internal issues to foster a sense of family and working together as a team, rather than every man/woman for themselves. Once a company is actively working together for the common good, retention is better, work improves, the financials improve, and it's a win-win for everyone.”

    Dr. Emmet C. (Tom) Thompson II NCAA Record Holder, Businessman, Educator, Author, Speaker, Football Coach
  • “In Dear Boss, Robert McFarland has captured the voice of everyday workers who struggle to connect their jobs to something beyond tasks and paychecks. Through intriguing research on core issues of appreciation, morale, management, and communication, McFarland highlights a wide range of practical steps for becoming the boss most workers hunger to have. Whatever kind of employee you are, this book will challenge you to imagine what “next-level” leadership might look like where you work. Reading this book is worth your time.”

    Chuck Proudfit President and Founder, SKILLSOURCE® Business Builders
  • “Dear Boss is a book I wish CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders of every field would read. Never have I seen such an effective job done in documenting how character shapes leadership and determines outcomes. With fresh research, inspiring examples, and practical steps to action, the author has created a work that is unique and beneficial for readers at all stages of life and leadership.”

    Dr. Alex McFarland Director, The Center for Apologetics and Christian Worldview, North Greenville University (South Carolina)
  • “There is a lot of powerful and practical information to help you more effectively lead your organization. This a great resource to help you improve your work culture. You'll want not only to read it, but to apply it.”

    Tim McDermott President/General Manager, KSBJ-FM (Houston, Texas)
  • “Too often, men and women in leadership assume they know what their employees want and need. And too often, that assumption is false. That's where Robert McFarland's important new book comes in. Winsomely, thoughtfully, and gracefully, he calls on leaders to listen, learn, and apply the principles of scriptural truth. McFarland argues that this kind of testimony could be transformative. What he describes could not only make a difference, it could make Christian-focused companies models of what good businesses could be. At a time of great cultural unrest, isn't it time they were?”

    Robert Schwarzwalder Senior Lecturer, Regent University
    Former Senior Vice President, Family Research Council
  • “Nagging employee morale issues can remain a mystery to puzzled managers, especially if trust has eroded. In this practical guide, Robert offers insights into why employees disengage and points the way for proactive leaders to move their organizational cultures from sickness to success!”

    Jennifer Epperson Director of Research and Learning, Moody Radio
  • “Dear Boss is more than just a collection of observations from employees. Robert McFarland has written a highly readable and practical guide to developing and actively leading organizational cultures that promote true flourishing.”

    Kenman Wong, Ph.D. Professor, School of Business, Government & Economics, Seattle Pacific University
  • “Our society and culture is becoming more polarized than any time in history I can remember. It seems in every setting, sides are being staunchly formed. Robert uses real-life survey responses from individuals to show that the workplace is no exception. Taking the unguarded and private responses of workers about their bosses, he paints a picture that is all too unbecoming—a disengaged employee and an unaware manager. Using practical wisdom that comes from his faith, Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew is a tool for organizations that are serious about developing leaders who can effectively and consistently create employee engagement at high levels.”

    Rick Whitted Author of Outgrow Your Space at Work: How to Thrive at Work and Build a Successful Career
  • I am most grateful to Robert for writing this book. You will be too. There are three elements I appreciated right away. First, his transparency. Transparency leads to deeper understanding. Second, his clarity around the problems we face as leaders—in the workplace, at home, and in our communities; you can't solve the problems without deeply understanding the issues. Third, his definition of and advocacy for "Active Leadership" is spot on. Thank you, Robert, for deepening my understanding and helping me be an "Active Leader”.

    Benjamin R. Case President, Case Consulting Services, Inc.

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“Robert strategically led us to see the most important issues in our company and directed us to make actionable steps to get those problems resolved. Thanks to Robert, the future of our company is brighter, and the Goliath sized problems that we had have never felt so manageable.”
– Elizabeth Guy, Co-Owner, Blue Ridge Chimney Services


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