Who Gets the Credit on Your Team?

Harry Truman said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” If it’s all about you, then you won’t get much done. But if you are willing to share the credit with others, then you will end up getting a lot done.

People want to be part of something larger than themselves. When they feel like they are contributing and seeing progress, then they are more likely to want to stay at it. But a leader who doesn’t see the team’s need to be recognized will lose their team very quickly.

Here are three things to implement a team culture by focusing on giving credit to others on the team.


1. Be willing to take counsel


As a leader, you are not the fountain of all the good ideas. But you must be the curator of all the good ideas.

It’s important to listen to what others suggest. Give them a forum to give their ideas. And don’t immediately judge an idea. Allow the rest of the team to weigh in on it. While the original idea may not be workable, the others on the team can turn it into something workable.


2. Be a servant


It’s important to create the environment where a team can flourish. In order to grow a team, you must sow a team. It’s important that they know you’re there for them and not for you.

Be willing to do what’s necessary for the team. Find out how you can help them become better. Use your position of leadership to benefit everyone on the team. Don’t just be a Commander-in-Chief; be a Servant-in-Chief.


3. Let others shine


Help everyone on the team realize that you are willing to put the team first. When your team wants to shine the spotlight on you, be willing to hold up a mirror.

If there are high profile things to do, then don’t hog them all to yourself. Give others the opportunity to shine. Let them see that you value what they can do by putting them in positions where they can get the credit.


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