Why a Performance Mindset Matters to a Team

A performance mindset is crucial to the success of a team.  Because every member of your team is important to the overall success of the team.

Since every member of the team is important, everyone has to be on board with the team.  Everyone has to believe that they have a part to play.

To help you understand the performance mindset needed for your team to thrive, use these three attributes as a foundation.


1. Able


Everyone on your team needs to understand that not only they are able to do their job, but they also are able to make a difference for the success of the team.  It is your job as a leader to make sure that everyone on your team sees that their work is valuable and valued.  By letting them know that you value their work, they will take pride in what they do.

Every role in the company is as important to the success of the company as every other role.  If everyone realizes they need to pull their own weight, then you will create the culture to sustain that kind of thinking.

When you show your team that they are important to you, they will bring that same mindset to your customers.


2. Dependable


Not only can everyone on the team make a difference for the overall success of the team, everyone on the team is dependent on everyone else on the team.  If your team will embrace that concept, it will help them understand that others are counting on them.

Everyone on the team must understand they matter to the team, and what they do matters to the team as well.  Unless everyone believes that the role they play is important, they will not do it to the best of their ability.  But if they can see how what they do fits into the big picture, they are more likely to give their all.

Everyone on the team should have a perspective that they will stand by their work because they understand that others depend on them to do good work.


3. Accountable


Because everyone is interdependent—dependent on everyone else—everyone on the team is accountable to everyone else on the team.  Every department has a stake in every other department doing their best.

Every department is just as important, so they are equals.  There should be a mutual respect and appreciation for the role that each department has.  Every department should evidence a willingness to serve each other in order to achieve the overall company goals.

By valuing a performance mindset in the context of team performance, everyone will see how important they are in the big picture.  By stressing how everyone on the team is dependent on everyone else on the team, it shows how much your team needs each other to be successful.  And finally, by emphasizing the importance of systems to share information across departmental boundaries, you will keep the openness necessary for true accountability.


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