Why Do You Obey God?

Apr 23, 2017

We all know we should obey God.  But why should we obey God?

obey God

In looking back on my life, I have placed different emphases on my relationship with God at different times.  But what should a relationship with God look like?  What do you want your relationship with God to look like?

Think through your relationship with God.  Which one of these scenarios best describes your situation?


I obey God because I am afraid not to.


  1. Do you think of God as a father who will punish you if you don’t obey Him?
  2. Do you think that God is watching you so He can smite you when you make a mistake ?
  3. Do you look at obedience as a way to appease God?
  4. Did you have an earthly father who was strict to the point of being abusive?
  5. Are you trying to obey God just so that He will leave you alone?


I obey God because His Word tells me I should.


  1. Do you see the Bible as a list of rules that you know you should obey?
  2. Do you think of your time with God as something you need to check off your to-do list each day?
  3. Do you think of the Bible as a set of guidelines to help you live the right way?
  4. Do you attend a church that requires conformity to a behavioral standard?
  5. Do you find that obeying God is tiring?


I obey God because I love Him.


  1. Do you look at spending time with God as something you look forward to every day?
  2. Are you excited to see what God will reveal to you in His word each day?
  3. Do you live your daily life according to Scripture as an act of worship?
  4. Do you look at living the Christian life as a way to share with others what God means to you?
  5. Do you imagine heaven as a place where you will be with the One you love?


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