Why You Don’t Want Your Life to Be Easy

Nov 24, 2016

We always want everything to be easy.  We wish our lives were easier.  We complain when things aren’t easy.  But we should actually thank God when they’re not.


James tells us that we should consider it all joy when we have trials and when our faith is tested (James 1:2-3).  God uses the trials to make us better.

If everything were easy for us, then we would miss out on a lot in life.  God gives us challenges in life so that we can become the person He wants us to be.

Here are three reasons why you don’t want your life to be easy.


1. When your life is easy, you don’t learn new things.


When we have to do things that are hard for us, we learn new skills.  We become more proficient at new things when we have to work at them.

I have never been a handy man.  Doing home improvement projects has never been my strong suit.  And yet I have tried to do new projects.  And I learn something new every time.

As one CEO once said, “I am always operating at the margin of my incompetence.”  If we are not attempting hard things, then we will not stretch ourselves.


2. When your life is easy, you don’t grow as a person.


When we do things that push us outside our comfort zone, then we grow.  We are able to become more of the person we God wants us to be.

When I have tried new things, I have gotten frustrated when I am not able to do them well the first time.  But I have learned I need to give myself the freedom to fail.  And so do you.

I have learned I need to give myself the freedom to fail. And so do you.


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When we force ourselves to do hard things with the right perspective, then we gain the patience to let God perfect us in other areas of our lives as well.


3. When your life is easy, you think you don’t need God.


When we go through tough times, we realize how much we need God.  We grow more spiritually when times are hard.

When we have to go through trying times, then we have to rely on God more.  If things are easy, then we tend to get complacent about our spiritual lives.

When things seem chaotic, God offers us peace in the midst of the storm.  We just need to be willing to look for that peace.

Be thankful for the problems you face.  God will lead you through them.


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