Why You Should Be a Discontented Leader …

Sep 28, 2017

… And How You Can Become One

Visionary leadership is about taking what is and turning it into what can be. And it is always trying to help others reach the next level. When it comes to leading with vision, it is important to be a discontented leader.

Discontented Leader

One caveat: while you should be discontent with the delta between what is and what can be, always be content where you are in the process at any moment.

In order to help others become who they can be, here is the three-step process for becoming a discontented leader.


1. Recognize your potential.


To recognize your potential, you must first understand who you are. Your identity is key to unlocking your potential.

If you listen to the lies that the enemy of your soul will say to you, then you will not know who you are. As a result, you will compromise your potential. If you listen to the lies that others say will say about you, then you will not believe who you are. And again, that will compromise your potential.

You will recognize your potential only by believing what the Scripture says about you. That means you

  • can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13)
  • are God’s workmanship, created to do good works (Ephesians 2:10)
  • will bear God-ordained fruit, that won’t spoil (John 15:16)

Only when correctly seeing who you can become will you be able to reach your potential.


2. See the potential in others.


To help others reach their potential, you must understand their identity. You must rightly see who they are before they will see who they are.

Always believe that people can become more than they think they can. Don’t believe the lies that they have believed about themselves. And help them overcome the lies they have believed.

Never let them settle for what they have believed about themselves. Help them see how God sees them, so they can become who God wants them to be.


3. Look for the potential in what’s around you.


To find the potential in the situations around you, never settle for the status quo. Always look for how situations can be improved.

Always be willing to ask “Why?” And at other times, be willing to ask “Why not?”

Always be willing to ask “Why?” And at other times, be willing to ask “Why not?”


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Do not believe those who have gone before you when they say that it can’t be done. Be willing to believe how things could be.

When you are a discontented leader, you will become much more content with who you are, who others are, and how the world is. Because you will know that everything can change. And it all starts with recognizing the potential in yourself, in others, and in every situation.


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