Why You Should Carve Out Time to Have Fun

Aug 31, 2017

You are a busy leader. You’ve got demands on your time at home and at work. It’s important to build in time into your schedule to slow down. And it’s all right to want to have fun.

have fun

You don’t have to spend all of your time being productive. It’s good to take time to enjoy the life that God has given you.

Here are three lessons I have learned why it’s important to carve out time to have fun.


1. Having fun will relax you.


If you keep going all the time, you can end up running yourself ragged. That’s not healthy for you—and that’s not good for anyone else around you either.

I have a hard time relaxing. I tend to go six days a week. But I have learned I need to take time every Sunday to spend time with my family. After attending church in the morning, I spend the afternoon playing board games, reading books to my kids, or enjoying the outdoors. Then Sunday evenings I turn up the music really loud and have fun making breakfast for dinner.

I need to take off a day each week to relax. And so do you.


2. Having fun will refocus you.


If you don’t take time to do something different than work, then you will lose your edge. But taking time to have fun will refocus you.

I can get so focused on what I’m doing that I can miss the big picture. That’s why I need to take Sundays off. When I have fun, it changes my perspective. As a result, I am able to see things afresh.

Taking time to slow down is important. Your work life will improve if you take a Sabbath rest and resist the urge to work.


3. Having fun will rejuvenate you.


You did not get to where you are by being lazy. And you tend to be intense about the work you do. So watch out that you don’t exhaust yourself in your quest for relaxation.

I went on a three week vacation this year with my family, but it wasn’t relaxing because we kept going the entire time. Instead I find I get rejuvenated doing simple things: having dinner with friends, watching a movie with family, or just seeing the sun set.

If you have to be up for your downtime, then it’s not downtime. If you let yourself slow down on Sunday, you will be more able to rev up again on Monday. Just be willing to pull away from work and let yourself have fun.

If you have to be up for your downtime, then it’s not downtime.
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