Why You Should Never Fear Failure

Nov 16, 2017

Three Steps to Beating Fear and Moving Forward

Have you ever made an error that made you lose everything? Most people have not lost everything, but they live as though they might. That’s because they fear failure more than they believe in themselves.

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Most people are so afraid of failure that they don’t do what they could do and they don’t become who they could become. They try so desperately to avoid failure that they are afraid to try.

But God doesn’t want you to live that way. He wants you to embrace all that you can be. Here are three steps you can take so that you won’t fear failure in the process of becoming who God made you to be.


1. Know your history.


Understand what has gone wrong before. Learn from your mistakes. And learn from others. Experience is a great teacher—especially when someone else has paid for the lesson.

Experience is a great teacher—especially when someone else has paid for the lesson.


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When I wanted to launch my blog, I purchased a course. When I wanted to bring my business to the next level, I hired a coach. Their experience was valuable to me—and it was worth paying for. Because it cut down my learning curve.

Research what has been done before. Talk to those who have tried things that have worked and things that haven’t worked. Both can provide a helpful perspective so that you won’t fear failure.


2. Start moving forward.


Even if you fear failure, start moving forward. You can feel the fear and do it anyway. Even if you are only taking baby steps, it is still forward motion.

Once I was so afraid of failing on a new project that I gave myself a tension headache. I was talking to one of my staff, and I felt this shooting pain behind my eye. The pain freaked me out so badly that I left the office and went to the doctor, who told me to take some Motrin and go to bed. I couldn’t move forward because I was too afraid of failing.

You won’t fear failure if you are always trying something new. Always be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone so that you are used to being in uncharted territory. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


3. Trust God in the process.


God wants to build your faith. But you have to build your faith by stepping out in faith. You can’t steer a ship that’s not moving.

You have to build your faith by stepping out in faith.


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When God put it on my heart to write my book Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew, I didn’t know how to write a book. But I was willing to trust Him in the process. As I was willing to step out in faith, He guided me along from one step to the next. While the book bears my name, it’s as if He and I wrote the book together.

While it’s important to do your research in advance, you still have to be willing to move forward. You can become who you want to be, but you must trust God in the process—and not fear failure.


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