Why Your Obedience to God is Important to Your Leadership at Work

What does obedience to God have to do with your leadership at work?  Everything.  Everyone is accountable to God for their actions.

Your faithfulness in obeying God in the big things—and in the small things—will speak volumes about your character and competence as a leader.

You may have heard it said that you have to be a good follower in order to be a good leader.  It’s true in the military.  And it’s true in life.

Here are three reasons why your obedience to God is a big deal at your workplace.


1. Your obedience to God demonstrates humility.


When you are obedient to God, you have to be willing to submit.  That means subjecting your will to His will.

No one likes to have to submit.  It goes against our human nature.  And yet that is exactly what the Scriptures tell us to do.

Everyone must be willing to submit to someone else.  Children are to submit to their parents.  Wives are to submit to their husbands.  Men are to submit to Christ.  Just as Christ submitted to His Father.

When your life reflects that submission and that obedience to God, then you are reflecting the humility Jesus lived out when He was on the earth.  And that makes you more appealing as a leader.


2. Your obedience to God shows you are willing to serve.


When you are obedient, you demonstrate that you are willing to do as you are told.

By reading God’s word and conforming your life and thinking to what it says, then it shows that you are under authority.  That you do not think yourself above God.  That you are willing to serve.

Organizations function because people are willing to subject their own interests to the interests of the organization.  When you are obedient to God—and thus to your boss—then you are modeling the behavior you want your employees to emulate.

By being obedient to God, you will inspire others to follow you.


3. Your obedience to God makes others see who they should be.


When you are obedient, you are being what people like to see in others.  They just don’t want to have to be that way themselves.

But when you demonstrate a life of obedience to God and to those in authority over you—day after day, and week after week—then your employees will see what they could be like as well.

By being willing to demonstrate that higher standard at your workplace, you can show those around you how it can be done.  They will know it is possible because they will see you live it out.

Over time, people will start to act like you act.  Because they will see it’s a better way.  But only because they saw you act it out first.


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