You Don’t Need Permission to Succeed

When I first entered the workforce, I wanted to be credentialed. I wanted someone to affirm that I knew what I was doing. I was looking for someone else to say that I was qualified to do what I was doing. In effect, I was requesting permission to succeed.

But truly successful people don’t ask for permission to succeed. They just go out and get it done.

To become successful, it’s important to do these three things—in this order—without asking for permission first.


1. Be who you should be


Successful people do not look for someone to tell them that they are worthy of success. They know it internally first. Because they know who they are.

Successful people aren’t interested in what other people think. But they are interested in how other people think. They want to know how other successful people look at the world and understand how they process information, so they can do the same thing.

Successful people start from the inside out. They focus on being who they need to be internally before they focus on anything else externally.


2. Do what you should do


Successful people don’t need to look at a benchmark to know what to do. They choose to innovate and change the measuring standard.

Successful people aren’t concerned about what everyone else thinks looks like success. They have an internal sense of what should be done that will disrupt the status quo.

Successful people will do what they know should be done without having to be told what others think should be done.


3. Go where you should go


Successful people don’t need to be told what level they should strive to. Because they are already trying to reach beyond the next level that everyone else is reaching for.

Successful people do not look for a piece of paper to tell them that they have achieved a certain level of competency. Because they are not looking for exterior affirmation. They know where they are going.

You will achieve success not by seeking what everyone else thinks is success. But by becoming who God made you to be, by doing what God made you to do, and by going where God made you to go. And you don’t need anyone’s permission to do that.


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